Video and group relations dynamics 视频和团体关系动力

Keith Lee Quai


This video provides learning by example (experiential learning):


As the Professor indicates, the classmates believed ‘in that moment’ they were not personally affected by his decision and so they were complicit in the injustice.



But, issues (among many others) of conformity, the power of Leadership, authority, followership, personal and collective agency, group behavior, deindividuation, and group dynamics are also present in this brief but powerful experiential lesson.



The China and the World (CATW) Group Relations Conference is a similar experiential event where members and staff may study their own and others' behavior in small and large groups.

中国与世界 (CATW) 团体关系会议是一个类似的体验活动,会员和员工可以在小型和大型团体中研究自己和他人的行为。


The dynamics of interpersonal and group communication, culture, self-awareness, authority, and leadership surface ‘in the moment’ for exploration and examination by its participants. The effect can be transformative.

人际关系和群体交流、文化、自我意识、权威和领导力的动态“当下”浮出水面,供参与者探索和检查。 效果可以是变革性的。


Join us online at ‘China and the World’ from October 1-5, 2023.

2023 年 10 月 1 日至 5 日,在线加入我们的“中国与世界”。