I try to ascend the mountain's crest

It dwarfs all peaks under my feet


Xumei Wang


Encounters are accidental, existence is inevitable.


In 2016, I wentto Beijing by chance to participate in my first Group Relations Conference in my life, which shocked me and refreshed me. In the following half a year, the experiences, people, things, experiences, feelings, and scenes of those few days continued to regurgitate in my mind, making a painstaking examination, constantly gaining new insights and gains, and my understanding of myself, marriage, family, work, society and the world became clearer and deeper. It made me know more and more about myself, more and more understanding of others and the world, from the surface to the inside, from complexity to simplicity... Since then, I have embarked on the professional road of Group Relations, and I am unstoppable. The specific learning experience is too much, too complicated, some can be clearly explained, some are difficult to say, see WeChat Official Account: Wang Xumei psychological space

到目前为止,我参加了国内外、海内外地面、线上团体关系会议近30次,包括大团体、小团体、主任培训;从成员、受训顾问、小团体顾问、大团体顾问、行政助理主任、副主任,从去年开始我尝试学习做会议主任。经过5年的严格训练,今年3月份也得到了AKRI团体关系顾问的认证。在专业发展上,我也有幸成为AKRI(AKRI社会系统研究所)、CASSGO(中美团体与组织研究学会)的常委,和国内外的前辈、同行一起工作和学习。2022年初创立了IGRC(团体关系中国与世界:微信平台:GroupRelationsPractice、 网站:http://www.igrc.org.cn)和IGRC的co-creators一起工作、体验、学习。

Until now, I have participated in nearly 30 conferences in person and online Group Relations Conferences at home and abroad, including large group, small group, and director training; from membership, consultant in training, small group consultant, large group consultant, administrative assistant director, deputy director, all the way to last year, I have been trying to learn to be aconference director. After 5 years of rigorous training, I was also certified as an AKRI Group Relations Consultant in March this year. In terms of professional development, I have also been honored to become a board member of AKRI (A. K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems) and CASSGO (China-America Society for the Study of Groups and Organizations), working and learning with seniors and peers at home and abroad. In early 2022, I founded International Group Relations China (IGRC, web site, WeChat Official Account) to work with, to experience and to learn together with IGRC's co-creators.


The increasing number of experiences, the complexity of the experiences, and the many strange experiences made me more and more awe-inspiring, curious, and courageous to face unknown challenges with every Group Relationship Conference experience. My vision and perspective are constantly improving from individual-role-system. In the past, for me it seems as if “I never know the true face of Lushan Mountain, because I am in this mountain.” Now it seems as if “I try to ascend the mountain's crest; it dwarfs all peaks under my feet.”


A Group Relations Conference is a temporary educational institution for learning, not group therapy. Through experiential learning, reflection and comprehension, one can understand human nature, oneself and the world more and more deeply, and it’s not a traditional model of teaching-learning. As having a Chinese culture and education background, I was very uncomfortable at the beginning, because I used to be fed into my mouth by others, and now I need to chop wood, make fires, cook, and think about how to cook, how to eat, with whom... However, although it takes courage, it takes to step out of the comfort zone, and to explore the unknown, the gains are far from a little more, but more and more, like a snowball... Let me get out of my room, into the bushes, into the forest, up the mountain, from the top of the hill to the top of the bigger and higher mountain. There is no highest, only higher.


Learning from paper is limited, I finally realized that I had to experience it myself.